Royal High School Ministers Update

Royal High School Ministers Update

Breaking news today from Scottish Parliament regarding the Royal High School.

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It has been announced today that the Scottish Parliament will not call-in all the planning applications on the Royal High School. Duddingston House Properties had requested that their latest application could be considered by Scottish Ministers in conjunction with their previous application and the St Mary’s Music School proposal so that they may be “properly scrutinised” together. Edinburgh Council emphasised that if this plan were to be carried out, there would not be sufficient time for consultation and proper assessment of the public’s views. The Scottish Ministers have agreed that there is no reason for them to become involved at this time. Download the letter here.

Further to this we are pleased to announce that the number of formal objections to the planning applications continues to increase as the planning department works through the physical letters that were submitted to them. The total number of comments as of the 6th April stood at 4649 (4214 objections) across both the FUL and LBC applications with the total continuing to rise.