Scottish Govt. Places People Planning Review

Scottish Govt. Places People Planning Review

AHSS National Conservation Committee complete and submit response to Scotland wide consultation

In June 2017, the Scottish Government published the Places, people and planning: Position Statement, which elicited responses from Built Environment Forum Scotland, its members and Historic Environment Scotland. The AHSS submitted a response on 11 August which found the proposals to be largely unhelpful to the historic fabric. It also expressed concern that economic development will take precedence over ‘the public good, the environment, both built and natural, and major issues such as climate change and the long-term sustainability of existing settlements not being considered’.

The submission from BEFS on 10 August found the proposals to be lacking overall and requests clarity on issues throughout. Highlighted areas of concern include the removal of supplementary planning guidance and the difficulty of increasing community participation while simplifying planning processes.

Additional responses can be found here.