A Walking Tour of Warriston Cemetery

A Walking Tour of Warriston Cemetery

Venue: Meet at 6pm inside the main gates, at the east end of Warriston Gardens
(Nos. 8, 23 or 27 Bus Route)
Time: 6.00pm
Cost: £8

Opened in 1843 and designed by Scottish architect and landscape designer David Cousin, Warriston was Edinburgh’s first ‘garden’ cemetery and owes much to the layout of Glasgow’s Necropolis. It has been said that ‘Pugin … might even have approved of the Gothic features of Warriston’. This fascinating tour, led by the Friends of Warriston Cemetery, will explore the site’s rich array of architectural features, from bridges and catacombs to memorials and mural monuments, revealing the stories behind some of the people buried here along the way.

Limited spaces available. Download the booking details here


Image “warriston cemetery” by stusmith_uk is marked with CC BY-ND 2.0