Lecture: Edinburgh’s Unbuilt ‘Opera House’, 1960 – 1975

Lecture: Edinburgh’s Unbuilt ‘Opera House’, 1960 – 1975

‘An Object Lesson in How Not to Get Things Done’: Edinburgh’s Unbuilt
‘Opera House’, 1960-1975

Venue: St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church, 13 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PA
Time: 18:30
Cost: £5 (£2.50 students)
Non-members welcome!
Members may attend 6 lectures for £25.

This talk by Dr Alistair Fair examines the infamous proposals of 1960–1975 for a major new theatre in central Edinburgh. Popularly known as the ‘opera house’, the proposed Castle Terrace Theatre (which was never built) was a regular fixture in the local press, with frequent reports of delays, funding crises, architectural debate, and concerns about the designs themselves.

This talk will ask: what went wrong?

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