Principles are Principles, but Variety is the Spice of Life!

Principles are Principles, but Variety is the Spice of Life!

Join James Simpson OBE RIBA FRIAS for a talk on three very different projects:
‘Law’s Close, Kirkcaldy’; ‘The Botanic Cottage’; and ‘Mavisbank’.

Venue: Online by Zoom
Time: 5.00pm
Cost: £3 members (£5 non-members)
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Conservation is securing the survival of things we have inherited from the past, or even things we have made ourselves, which we value and wish to pass on to future generations. These things come in many forms: they may be ‘natural’ or ‘cultural’ and as well as buildings may include rare species, artefacts, energy, traditions, or anything else we value. Architecture covers the design, construction and alteration of buildings, based on careful thought and management. Architectural conservation, just like good design, requires good decision-making, based on thorough research, recording and analysis. In this day and age, climate change and the need for sustainability are as strong drivers of building conservation as physical environment, culture and heritage.
The joy of conservation practice, whether one is a textile conservator, a botanist or an architect lies in the range of tasks one has to face. Each project and each day are different: ‘variety is the spice of life’!

In this talk, work to three buildings will be described, the survival of which has taken massive effort, but each has proved to be far more valuable in the end than seemed likely at the beginning.
The Fish Teas House, the Botanic Cottage and the little villa ‘by Esca’s flow’ry bank, where the harmonious thrush repeats his love’!


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