The Scots in London – Rory Lamb

The Scots in London – Rory Lamb

Join us for a talk about eighteenth-century Scots in London and their townhouses

Venue: Online & in person at the Renfield Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4JP
Time: Lectures commence at 7.30pm
Cost: £5 / Students £2 / season ticket for all 5 lectures: £20
Tickets available on Eventbrite (and at the door, if at Renfield Centre)

Rory Lamb, PhD researcher at the University of Edinburgh, explores the forgotten London townhouses of Scotland’s absentee landlords. Drawn to London’s West End after the Union in 1707, they enjoyed the lifestyle of the prosperous metropolitan elite, packing their residences with luxury goods and acting as architectural patrons. His talk discusses the role of these buildings in the formation of British identity among eighteenth-century Scots.

Download the full programme of lectures here