Tales of the George Square Statues

Tales of the George Square Statues

Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival – Walking Tour

Venue: Meet at the Cenotaph Lions George Square G2 1AL
Time: 2pm each day
Cost: Free

Tour duration: 60mins

The statues, and Square itself, have been getting a lot of attention recently. Yet what do you really know about them? Join us with historian Mark Nixon to find out their fascinating stories.

George Square has witnessed historic events. Some have proposed modernisation, eradicating most of its historic features. Yet the greater community considers its form and historic statues as the very soul of the city and what you see today is the result : a loved and viable historic space. The Strathclyde Group of the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland supports this view, promoting appreciation of the built heritage that encloses it while also encouraging ongoing discussion of its future. The statues are its tangible link to past historic figures and events and very much its most integral features. Historian Mark Nixon has researched each figure, its significance and the socio-political events that inspired them.

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