Architectural Heritage XXVI

Architectural Heritage XXVI

Professor Charles McKean Special Edition

This special edition of the AHSS Architectural Heritage Journal, edited by Dr. Sally Rush and Alan MacDonald, celebrates Professor Charles McKean’s contribution to the field of Architectural Heritage and commemorates the excellent conference that took place in October 2013, A New Platform for Scottish Renaissance Studies.

Featuring Charles’s visionary watercolour reconstructions of Scottish Renaissance buildings, in colour.

The focus here is upon capturing Charles’s conversations with his peers and the more recent research projects he was involved with, particularly those undertaken by the PhD students clustering around him in Dundee. Charles’s coordination of interdisciplinary research projects was particularly significant and the consequent synthesis of architecture, interior decoration, furnishing, sculpture and garden design into a cohesive reading of the Scottish Renaissance building is reflected here.”

Free with AHSS membership, hard copies are available to purchase through the National Office and the RIAS Bookshop.