26 Nov | Heritage Walk from Moat Brae House

26 Nov | Heritage Walk from Moat Brae House

‘STONE MEN, WINGED LIONS AND PIPING PIGS’ with local writer JoAnne McKay.

Join local writer JoAnne McKay in a guided tour of the outstanding architectural stone carving on Dumfries’ notable buildings. The distinctive local building material – Permian period New Red Sandstone – has been utilised by builders and masons for hundreds of years, and this relaxed walk will uncover the histories of some of the finest stone carving on municipal, commercial and ecclesiastic buildings in the town. Erudite, educational and entertaining!

JoAnne McKay is a widely published poet who has appeared at literary festivals throughout the country. Her recent project, We Fire the Dark, was a series of readings for the arts organisation Cample Line, exploring the catalogue of Dr Grierson’s Museum in Thornhill. JoAnne is currently researching the history of pandemics in Dumfries.

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