Buildings at Risk Toolkit

Buildings at Risk Toolkit

Online guidance available for all

The Buildings at Risk Toolkit is a collection of texts – as part of an initiative of Historic Scotland and The Architectural Heritage Fund – presenting a wealth of information on dealing with vulnerable historic buildings with the intention to aid in their preservation and management. The toolkit contains an abundance of guidance and advice sourced from a number of highly experienced practitioners, drawing on examples from around the United Kingdom. These documents would be useful for both professionals engaging with high risk buildings, and those with a general interest in heritage matters.

Sections include in-depth legislative guidance on liabilities, responsibilities, and current regulations concerning buildings at risk, as well as practical strategies for approaching historic buildings. Furthermore, it includes case studies and pilots wherein the guidance provided is demonstrated in current or recent projects, which is a useful tool for interpreting the information and applying it to personal projects.

These documents are easily accessible, available to all as PDF downloads from the Buildings at Risk Register for Scotland website