RHS Update: Edinburgh Council Lease with DHP

RHS Update: Edinburgh Council Lease with DHP

Freedom of Information Request reveals heavily redacted documents

Following a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC), the AHSS is able to make available for viewing, the lease between CEC and Duddingston House Properties.

Unfortunately a large amount of the documents have been redacted, however, they still make for an interesting read.

The AHSS is committed to stopping inappropriate development of the former Royal High School, Edinburgh, and to that end wishes to make the general public as informed as possible as to the future of this A listed, publicly owned building.

Please click on the links below to read the following documents:

Pinsent Masons Document 1.1 Redacted. ‘Suspensive Conditions’

Pinsent Masons Document 1.2 Redacted. ‘Development Agreement’ and ‘Confidentiality’

Development Agreement 2.1 Redacted

Development Agreement 2.2 Redacted

Development Agreement 2.3 Redacted. ‘The Schedule’ and ‘Draft Contract Award Notice’

Draft Lease Redacted. Document 3.1

Draft Lease Redacted. Document 3.2

Draft Lease Redacted. Document 3.3

These documents have been separated into multiple downloads due to their large size, they are also available on the City of Edinburgh Council Website.