AHSS Objects to Pitlochry Station Footbridge Replacement Plan

AHSS Objects to Pitlochry Station Footbridge Replacement Plan

The Tayside & East Fife Cases Panel is concerned by plans to replace Pitlochry Station’s footbridge. After careful consideration, we’ve issued a strong objection to removing the existing footbridge.

Pitlochry Station holds a Category A-listed status, meaning it’s of special architectural or historic interest, “an outstanding example of a traditional railway station, demonstrating specific characteristics of the Highland Railway Company station building of the 19th century.”

The proposal aims to swap out the old cast iron footbridge for a modern accessible one, complete with lifts for easy platform access. While making things more accessible is fantastic, the suggested plan is not sympathetic to the station’s significance.

Several options for ‘accessibility solutions’ were explored, but the only practical one considered was replacing the historic footbridge. The proposed design doesn’t align with the Local Development Plan, which emphasises that any alterations shouldn’t harm the building’s architectural or historic interest. We fear the change might irrevocably damage the station’s integrity.

It would seem that a range of alternatives are possible. We have suggested that keeping the existing footbridge and discreetly adding a new, less obtrusive bridge elsewhere might be an option, i.e.  a modern structure behind the old bridge, blending in and ensuring accessibility without significant impact on the station’s heritage.

An argument is also made for removing the bridge due to potential future train line changes. Instead, why not consider raising the bridge itself? It’s a feasible solution used elsewhere that wouldn’t harm the station’s historic significance.

In essence, we firmly believe that removing the footbridge isn’t necessary. There are alternative routes to creating accessibility without compromising the station’s significance. We are not alone in taking this view – the strength of local feeling about this issue is evident in the 25 objections received from the community. 

Read our objection letter.

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