Spring Magazine 2014

Mackintosh Architecture and Crichton Memorial Church

In this issue we highlight a range of projects and initiatives, that share a common aim: to improve the condition of our built heritage. They all try to answer some important questions. How can local authorities protect buildings that have historic merit, but aren’t on the statutory lists or in a conservation area? How can ordinary people become proactive in conserving their own homes? How can community groups summon their collective strength to look after a local landmark or monument? The final case study asks the question ‘what can I do?’. Apparently quite a lot.

Fittingly, for an issue that is published after the London and Sochi Olympic Games, and before the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, there is a sporting theme running through the magazine. Historic Scotland discuss their special report on Scotland’s sporting buildings and our new Chairman’s favourite building turns out to be…well, you’ll have to read the back page to find out.

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