Autumn Magazine 2014

Discover the future of ‘Hutting in Scotland’

This issue has a distinctly ‘elemental’ theme running through it. Subjects include Sumburgh Lighthouse, built to challenge Shetland’s stormy waters, the earthy turf and stone structures of Iceland, and the sad, fiery events at the Glasgow School of Art. Time will tell whether the Land Reform Review Group’s report is a breath of fresh air or becomes, well, just hot air.

Our ‘International Perspectives’ series continues with two articles examining the conservation practices of two very different countries: Australia and China. Australia’s favoured ‘carrot’ over ‘stick’ approach is an intriguing one, but it begs the question: how do planners strike the right balance between pragmatism and idealism?

We are often taught to ‘think big’ and certainly there are many architects who have taken that mantra to heart with great success. However, this issue contains two articles that offer an alternative by exploring the value of small spaces. ‘Hutting’ in Scotland has never matched the popularity of similar movements in other European countries but a new campaign aims to change that.

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